Mook Life On The Thrill Side!

Whats up Hyenas? My name is HTO and as gay as it sounds, I’m one of Rushawn’s internet friends. There is no other way of putting it. I mean, I feel like I know the dude pretty well thanks to the internet even though  he lives on the west coast of the United States and … Continue reading

East Bay bike party. Hayward CA.

So there’s this thing called “East Bay bike party” where a huge group of people get together and ride around a designated route in a designated city. This one was themed Waldo. I heard about it on fb a night before it happened. I got on the phone , called a few of the Hyenas … Continue reading

Fat Boy Pancake snackers.

Today  I sat in the front row of my history class at Chabot college bored and sleepy. Dazing in and out, I felt like I was hallucinating. I was staring at the proffesor  who was wearing a guitar shaped tie like a clown and then staring at the students. It felt hella weird and dream … Continue reading

Snowmobiling in South Lake Tahoe.

Every year for my birthday I normally hit a bar(as well as everybody and they momma right?). This year though, we had to do it a little different and the Hyenas and me hit Zephyr cove in South Lake Tahoe for a little fun. Zephyr Cove resort, it’s like our home away from home now. … Continue reading

Northern California coast

Getting back to my artistic side and trying to motivate myself to be more productive, busy, and  push the Thrill Side, what better way to do it than with paint, beautiful women and the beach?. I made a few calls, set a day and destination up and we got to it. We on the 880 … Continue reading

On fire. The Wire interview.

This is an interview with graffiti writer/bomber Wire. This interview took place one night at a taco truck when I ran into  a group of writers while I was taking pictures of graffiti. First off, your’e killing shit, your’e everywhere in Oakland. In the deep too, the hood hood, with fill ins. Not too many … Continue reading

Come back. The Gaks interview.

This is a interview with graffiti writer/bomber Gaks from Oakland. This interview took place one night at a taco truck when I ran into  a group of writers while I was taking pictures of graffiti. TS:  What got you into Graffiti? Gaks: one day I was chilling at home, Gacho told me him and his boys … Continue reading

San Francisco Santacon 2011

Years ago I saw pictures on the internet  of hella people skiing and snowboarding while dressed as Santa Claus and thought it was awesome. Last year a coworker told me about this thing called Santacon/Santarchy. Started in the early 90s in San Francisco where hella people dress up as Santa or something Santa/Christmas related and … Continue reading

Hood Breakfast

Hood Breakfast. What is it? IT’S HOOD BREAKFAST. Whole in the wall ass spot in the town. One of the Hyenas , Dartnell Pur-pel put us up on this G-thang. I asked him why it’s called Hood Breakfast and he replied “nigga cause it will hold you down all day in the hood, wake up … Continue reading

R.I.P. Al Davis. Raiders vs. Browns

Rest in peace Al Davis. A week after Al Davis passed the Oakland Raiders take on the Cleveland Browns on our 3rd sold out game in a row(something that has not happened in a long time). This morning I woke up drunk with half a Modelo Especial next to my computer and Young Must calling … Continue reading

Hyenas in Las Vegas 2011

This is my second trip to Vegas, can you believe it? 28 and my my first time I went I was 27. Better late than never I guess. So this time we headed there for a good old friend’s birthday. Two of us left on Thursday in a rental. My other friend was already there … Continue reading

Toughmudder Norcal 2011

As a kid I would love to be climbing,  jumping, swimming and getting dirty. Well I still like doing all of those things actually so when I heard about the Toughmudder event last year I was hella down to go but it was last minute. This time I had plenty of time and and I … Continue reading

East Bay by way of Tejas

Que onda, raza?! My name is Marco, and although I’m not from Cali, I’ve been invited to contribute to this blog. So what do I have to offer? Photography mostly. Anything from graffiti, to girls, tacos, travel, music, cars and family… you name it, I’ve shot it. Here are a few examples: That’s it for … Continue reading

Waterballoon war and slip n slide

First off , sorry for not updating in such a long time, I’m having camera issues. Although it might not feel like summer with our silly weather in the town, The Hyenas decided to throw this event. A waterballoon fight. Thanks to all the help we managed to fill up over 3,000 waterballoons and hit … Continue reading

Cold Dog

As a kid I would have these weird food “inventions”. One of my most memorable ones was the Ice Cream Sandwich. It consisted of two slices of sandwich bread (or if I was feeling real fat I would make me double decker with three slices of bread) and that good Ice cream my parents would … Continue reading

Art Murmur weekend

The Art Murmur goes down every first Friday of the month in Oakland on 23rd and telegraph. I remember painting there once a few years ago but I thought it was a one time thing. So what happens is the art galleries are open for free. there are food vendors and creative people selling all kind … Continue reading

Guelaguetza 2011

If you know me you know I’m from a part in Mexico where it’s not “cool” to be from. I’m from a part where 40% of the population is of indigenous decent as compared to 15% of Mexico as a whole (forgot where I read that at). I’m from  Oaxaca Mexico and very proud of … Continue reading

The Hyenas at Bay to Breakers 2011

Last yr was the first yr attending this event. It was four locos drinking on that Four Lokos drank, OFF THE HOOK!. This day was the 100th anniversary and of course we had to hit it up again. This time it was five of us. I didn’t look for a costume so I had to … Continue reading

Street Kings vs. Hard Head Muscle

Early Saturday on a cloudy day and a passion for cars and speed. What to do? take em out for a quick run. Some of the Hyenas got a car club going by the name of Street kings. A friendly challenge was set up with another club by the name of Hard Head Muscle. I … Continue reading

Sumo Grub

My buddy Michael Steed shared a link on face book about “The battle of the taco trucks” a few weeks ago and naturally being the fat boys that we are we were pretty juiced about the event. So the day came, I was at Best’s house watching the undercard matches before Pacquiao and Mosley. Steed … Continue reading